Asagaya Anime Street

At the end of March (2014) Tokyo opened a new area under the train line between Asagaya and Koenji. The area is known for having some of the major animestudios based nearby, and they’ve all come together as one collaboration to capitalise on anime tourism. You might be thinking ‘It already exists, it’s called Akihabara!’; … [Read more…]

Japans Rabbit Island – How to get to Okunoshima

If you haven’t already heard, one of Japans smaller islands in the Seto inland sea (between Shikoku and Honshu islands) is home to a huge population of rabbits. It’s a bunny lovers paradise as the picturesque scenery and nature trails are covered in the hoppy little things. Recently it’s become a bit of a tourist … [Read more…]

Nikko and the Toshogu Shrine

If you like looking at grand shrines and temples Nikko is a place for you. It can easily be accessed on day trip from Tokyo, taking just over 2 hours (depending where you’re based of course).  It’s not the cheapest trip as part of the way you have to get the Shinkansen (bullet train). One … [Read more…]


There is lots to see and do in Harajuku, especially if you’re into fashion, It’s also next to Yoyogi Park, the Meiji Jingu shrine and the NHK building. We’ll write separate posts on those later. I would recommend going there twice; once on a Sunday when it’s the busiest as this is when you’re likely … [Read more…]