Edogawa Move!

Sorry it’s been a while between posts folks, things have been pretty busy as we finished our volunteer month at Heart Tokushima (something we would recommend to anybody who wants an excuse to visit Shikoku and will write more on later). After a quick visit to Hiroshima we headed back up to Tokyo to start … [Read more…]

Shibuya 109 Shopping Day

Where do I start with this post…. Shibuya is a very busy place, as you may know from the big crossing thats right outside the station when you get there (the one they always show on TV). The best place for photos of the crossing and people watching is the Starbucks opposite the station, which … [Read more…]

Our first days in Tokyo

Well, after a lot of planning and preparation, we finally made it to Japan, starting our one year working holiday. Clearing customs was a bit of a chore; we had to show our visas at passport control and the guards filled in a tonne of forms. Looking across the counter at Ben it seemed he … [Read more…]