Edogawa Move!

Sorry it’s been a while between posts folks, things have been pretty busy as we finished our volunteer month at Heart Tokushima (something we would recommend to anybody who wants an excuse to visit Shikoku and will write more on later). After a quick visit to Hiroshima we headed back up to Tokyo to start the ‘real’ job hunting. We moved to a different area called Edogawa which is to the East of the city and borders Chiba prefecture. The Edogawa river is pretty huge and runs near our new place so there is a lot of greenery around and it’s a great place to run.

Anyway, we’re settled now, know our way to the local ramen place and Matsuya and will have some more great stuff to see and read soon including DIY sweets, what to expect from a Japanese rock gig, Di’s first visit to Hiroshima, a bit on Nagoya, loads of stuff; all of which will have great pictures and videos of amazing sites as well as more silly things from 100 yen shops. 🙂

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