The Naughty Deer of Nara – Japan

When heading further into Honshu we decided to use Osaka as a base for visiting Nara and Kyoto, as it was the cheapest place and all three  are easy to get to by train from the one city.

One of my friends told me to go visit Nara to see all the deers that bow for crackers. That sound cute to my so I thought why not check the place out.

The park is quite big with many grand looking temples (after all, it is a World Heritage site). There is no charge to go into the park, which makes it a cheap day out.

Nara Deer Park

Nara Deer Park

When I first saw the deers I was like ‘Aww they look so cute’ but at the next meeting I heard some one shouting at the deers. I turned around to look to see a child being attacked by a deer and a parent trying to stop it. It was right by the cracker stand, the deers must have been waiting for some one to buy some and then pounced…

Deer Park and Temple, Nara

After seeing this the deers looked a little intimidating so I thought I wouldn’t bother buying any crackers 🙁 .

Ben and I sat down on a bench to enjoy the views of the park when along came a cute looking deer who Ben was stroking; I decided it would be a nice photo. But before we could stop it the deer had gone into Ben’s pocket and stolen our free map. We tried to get it out of it mouth but it wasn’t having any of it. It was quite funny!!
Deer eats Ben's map
As we worked our way around the park you start to see warning signs about the deers!

Warning sign in Nara Deer Park

Wish they’d told us sooner! I used to think deers were gentle and shy but now I think they are just like goats. Enjoy the photos and video.

Have you visited Nara? What are your experiences with the deers?


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