Neon Genesis Evangelion Shop – Harajuku

Whether you love or hate it, if you know anime, you likely know Evangelion. Eva was one of the first anime series I watched in my teens as it was being released in the UK (showing my age a little now ;P) and personally I love it. The new movie series have been an interesting reboot of the series (I’m still not sure if I like the 3rd one though) and unsurprisingly, it’s seen a boost in merchandise.

In Harajuku, just off Takeshita-Dori (the crazy busy shopping alley) an Evangelion shop has opened where they’re more than happy for you to take photos. All Kinds of goodies are available, with the first floor a home to collaborations and ‘inspired by…’ designer goods (not cheap) and the second floor being rammed full of toys, character goods, accessories, magazines, cups, plates, chopsticks, you name it.

On with the photos!

Have you seen Evangelion? Who’s your favourite character and what do you think of the Rebuild movies?

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