Osaka Gaming Bar – Space Station

After a quick web search for things to do in Osaka we came across a video game bar called Space Station. It stood out having a load of great reviews and write ups and after a visit it’s easy to see why. It’s hard to describe in detail so we did a quick video review and there is an abridged transcript below if you can’t be bothered to watch.

In short, if you like games, and drinking, join the Facebook page and pay Space Station a visit next time you’re in Osaka.

Transcript: Space Station stands out for a number of reasons. Unlike many of the other retro cafes and bars around, it caters to all generations right through to the PS4. You can even try out Oculous Rift. 

It doesn’t have a table charge, but there are lots of great drinks available at reasonable prices with some cool game related names.

There was a great atmosphere in the bar, and the decor helps with this. It’s not like a museum with everything behind glass cases, you’re free to change your own games, get things off the shelf, look at the artwork and instruction manuals; and the staff know their games too so there’s always good banter.
Easy to find, near Dotonbori, check it out next time you’re in Osaka.

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