Sanrio Puroland (AKA Hello Kitty land)

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Hello Kitty, My Melody, and loads of other cute characters, but something not a lot of people seem to know about is a theme park in Japan called Sanrio Puroland. Puroland is actually the smaller of two parks and is just outside of Tokyo

Sanrio Puroland from outside

It was a dull day, but Puroland is all inside.

Standard entry is 3000 yen, or for 4000 yen you can get the ‘Passport’ which grants free access to all of the rides and shows (If you buy on the day, it’s 4,400 yen). Each ride is 500 yen so if you’re planning on doing anything other than have a quick look around, you might as well get the  Passport. After looking on line for how much would cost to get there I discovered that the Keio train line offered discounts tickets for 4000 yen which included travel . This was 400 yen cheaper than the regular price and included travel on the Keio which would have cost about 500 yen each way. To get this ticket go to a Keio line station and use the normal ticket machine; Don’t worry there is a English language choice on it. The hardest thing was the machine printed out three tickets all in Japanese which we couldn’t read so we had to ask someone which was the ticket for the train.

The tickets with 4000 written in the corner goes through the machine

The tickets with 4000 written in the corner goes through the machine

The building is quite easy to find, just follow the Hello Kitty signs and you can’t miss it! Everything is in doors, which is great as it doesn’t matter what the weather is like! P1011398As you go through the ticket gate you will receive a programme for the day for show times and a map. Basically everything is split into small areas and theatres, with the main area being the Wisdom tree, which is the centre of the park and where the big parades happen. On our way to check out the first performance on at the Fairyland theatre we saw a stage show at the Wisdom Tree for people who had their birthday on the day. P1011403At the Fairyland Theatre we managed to sit at a table that had an English translater on, as you’ll see in the video, it shows subtitles for some of the speaking parts and songs, so maybe not the best for small children. The show was a typical happy fairytale about a girl that comes out of a flower and only has three days to live while the flower is alive. But of course in this time she falls in love with a prince who than has to save her by going against the wish of the Queen of the forest.  The quality of the performance has very high the stage was brilliant and the singing was of a high standard. P1011408 IMG_1308IMG_1299 IMG_1296   My favoutite charter is My Melody so I wanted to go to the ‘My Meroad Drive’ ride, but on the way I got a photo opportunity with Cinnamon Roll. IMG_1385The ride was really short, and was more like a novelty photo booth. You see scenes of Melody and other characters and the car spins around to face each one. There is commentary, but obviously it’s all in Japanese. We only queued for about 2 mins waiting to get on. Here are the photos from it.  And of course Kuromi makes an appearance on the ride.

P1011430 P1011431 P1011433 P1011435 P1011438 Through out the day there are shows going on at the bottom of the Wisdom Tree. Below is a video where we’ve mixed some of the tour together.


My favourite perforamce at the tree was the Arigato Everyone show which is celebrating Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday in the form of a parade. P1011456 IMG_1448 P1011421 P1011428 IMG_1418Most of the Sanrio characters make an appearance, and again, the music and performers were all very high standard. Before each of the shows some of the staff come out and teach you (erm, the kids) how to dance along in the choruses.  After this show I went straight to Sanrio charter boat ride which gets quite busy to queue up for. This ride is telling the story of cinnamon roll sending out invitations to everyone for a party. When the boat goes through the first Cinnamon roll scene its smells of cinnamon.

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I thought this ride was so cute I went on to twice, you can probably tell that from the amount of photos for it. Next was the big one, Hello Kitty’s house (known as Lady Kitty’s Mansion). We queued for 35mins to go in and to be honest it was a bit of a let down for the waiting time. Also, you’re not allowed to take your own photo with Kitty, you have to buy the official one which is VERY expensive!IMG_1492 IMG_1496 IMG_1497


P1011495 P1011497



If like me you love Hello Kitty make sure you bring money for the gift shops, as these are huge. Will you visit Sanrio Puroland? Who is you favourite Sanrio character?

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