Shibuya 109 Shopping Day

Where do I start with this post…. Shibuya is a very busy place, as you may know from the big crossing thats right outside the station when you get there (the one they always show on TV). The best place for photos of the crossing and people watching is the Starbucks opposite the station, which is on the second floor of Tower Records. It took a while to get a seat.



I headed straight for Shibuya 109 to shop (aka Shibuya IchiMaruKyu – the Japanese words for 1, circle and 9). If you have not heard of it, it’s an 8 floor shopping mall for fashionable girls where you can buy clothes, make up and accessories for Gyaru style looks.  There was so much on each floor I didn’t know where to start.



The ‘Oh New’ sign was put up because a lot of the shops had recently had makeovers.



I spent quite a few hours in this shopping centre it had everything a girl could want clothes, shoes, make up and accessories. 🙂

And there was 30 minutes of free wifi to keep Ben happy (well, happy for 30 minutes…).

The general rule is that you’re not allowed to take photos inside, but some of the shops don’t mind if you sneakily use your phone, lots of locals were doing it.

20140308_173259 20140308_173011

The first photo is from a shop called Spiga, I ended up buying the blue dress you can see there in the front.

You can try clothes on before you buy them, which is great as we all know Japanese sizes run small than english ones. Before you go in the changing room you have to take your shoes off! The was a bit annoying as I had chosen to wear lace up boots!

From a shop called SLY on the top floor you can pick and mix three socks and tights for 1050yen. It was good as you got to mix and match which ones you wanted. The socks only go up to 24.5cm which is a uk size 6. Any way here is a photo of the ones I bought. Tried the over knee socks on when I got home and was really happy they fit my chunky legs!


The tights are two slightly different shades, designed to give a slimming effect.

There is lots more to Shibuya, like clubs, karaoke, and trendy food places. We’re planning to go and see some gigs in the venues here later on, but today was all about shopping!

I nearly forgot to say the famous Hachiko dog statue is just out side the station, which is worth a look.

Sorry that are no outfit and make up pictures, Ben’s memory card he took photos on was corrupted. Which meant all the photos were lost!




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