Tokyo Anime Centre – Nagi no Asukara Exhibition

Back in March we popped into the Tokyo Anime Centre in Akihabara. Last time we were in Tokyo they had a display and activities you could try (like how to draw manga) but this month they had a special exhibition set up for one of our favourite current anime, Nagi no Asukara (A Lull In The Sea).

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a clip.

At first it looks like a typical school drama (and some would argue¬†at heart that’s what it is) but we became attached to the series because it has an emotive soundtrack, some gorgeous artwork and a few supernatural plot twists to keep it different and interesting. Like many of the Japanese shows we’ve been watching recently, you can give it a try on Crunchy Roll.

The exhibition had a number of scripts, concept pieces, colour backgrounds for people to look at, and it was great to see stills that had made up the scenes from the series, especially the colourful underwater sections.

Below are a few more pictures. Did you watch Nagi no Asukara? Who / What was your favourite character / location?


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