Ueno Zoo Pandas :)

For those for you who know me you probably already know that I like animals. A lot. After waiting for years I finally got the chance to see pandas at Ueno Zoo.

Ueno Zoo is a medium sized zoo right in the middle of Ueno park. There are directions on signs from the train station, which makes it quite easy to find, and entry is really cheap. The Zoo is open Tuesday to Sunday 9:30- 5pm and costs 600 yen for an adult (might be slightly more with the tax rise). Food inside is also quite reasonable, although choice is limited.

The two pandas that are currently at the zoo are Shin Shin and Ri Ri that came to the zoo in 2011 and they are very cute when they eat bamboo.

Here ‘s a quick video of them eating 🙂

As zoos are pretty much the same around the world, so we’ll leave you with just a couple more pictures.

P1011776 P1011783





This little guy was so cute nibbling away on his dinner


Guinea Pigs aren’t kept as pets in Japan. Our Japanese friends found them fascinating.


“I’m a penguin. Yep, that’s about it…”



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